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Spectre of the Black Rose--missing chapter

Okay, this book has been out for years, so I'm not too worried about spoiling it, but you should know I will be talking about the end of the book.

This was the last book released in TSR's line of Ravenloft fiction, and it features, among other things, Lord Soth's departure from Ravenloft and return to Krynn. The book is, however, fairly unclear on exactly how/why it happened.

Now, I distinctly remember from a FAQ over at the Kargatane website (how greatly it's missed, may it RIP) that claimed the book was literally missing a chapter. That is, for whatever reason (I think deadlines), the author simply didn't include a chapter that was supposed to appear between the final chapter and the epilogue in the current book.

My question, then... Does anyone know if James Lowder and/or Voronica Whitney-Robinson have ever gone on record about what was supposed to be in that chapter? Possibly even posted a rough draft of it somewhere? I'm just curious, really.
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