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Hello. I just joined this community. I've been a friend of the mists since the days of the first black box. I've run several RL games in the near past and I'm currently running the Grand Conjunction modules split between two parties of hapless souls as part of a larger campaign.

The Campaign is called the Call of the Seven Whistlers and started in Lamordia, where a doctor/teacher/mentor of the heroes had recently died and his mansion, grounds, and fortune were left to our heroes. Our heroes discovered the good doctor's death was due to a gypsy curse and all those who entwined their lives with the doc were likely to fall under the curse. Each time a death or disaster occurs it is proceeded by seven voices whistiling in a creepy manner. In our last adventure, the whistlers chimed in as the adventurers sought to confront the priestess of Set in "Touch of Death"--the confrontation turned quite deadly for the heroes as their studious mage met his end in a battle of magic.
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