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The Fifth Book of Ezra's Journal

Friday, January 16, 2009

1:28PM - The setting that WILL NEVER DIE...

So, Black Crusade, my Ravenloft novel that was canceled when WotC decided not to continue the line?

Is appearing as a weekly serial on the Wizards of the Coast website. And apparently, you needn't be a subscriber to the Insider to see it (or at least not so far). :-D

Find the prologue here, and come back next week for Chapter One.

Current mood: excited

Friday, May 11, 2007

1:43AM - Ravenloft Resurrected!

In March 2008, night will fall.

The dead will walk.


From the WotC web site:

Ravenloft: Dominion isn't the same horror you used to read. Combining the best of gothic horror with the best of fantasy, Ravenloft: Dominion comes up with something entirely new -- something that touches the world we live in, our Earth, not merely lands that never were. Something that taints our world, our history, with the darkness of the Domains.
A series of stories that show you the evil that lies at the core of our own history.

Black Crusade, by Ari Marmell, coming March 2008
As Jerusalem falls to the soldiers of the First Crusade, the Laginate Grimoire exercises its influence on a population already mad with the terror of the sacking of the Holy City. Diederic de Wyndt realizes the Grimoire's influence on his companion, Father Lambrecht, too late -- but not so late as to keep Lambrecht from trial for his crimes. The sentence rendered is death, but as Lambrecht and the Grimoire are swallowed by flames, the Mists of Ravenloft choose their victim and seize him into the previously unknown domain of Malosia. Diederic chooses vengeance over wiser actions and follows Lambrecht into the Mists, beginning a tale of adventure, blood, and revenge that moves from Earth to Malosia and back again.

The Sleep of Reason, by C.A. Suleiman, coming August 2008
Moving forward in time nearly 800 years, The Horizon Society's newest member, Charles Bromley, is approached about a missing compatriot, Cyrus Umber, who has vanished from his home in the town of Sharing Cross. Charles is tasked with investigating the disappearance -- by the father of his betrothed, in a harsh test of a prospective son-in-law. When Charles arrives in Sharing Cross, he quickly becomes aware that the missing man's interests go rather beyond what the rest of the Horizon Society considers a normal interest in the occult. Before he can react to that knowledge, the Mists rise around him - but they do not send him to a new world. Instead, they drive him first mad and then to the new laboratory of the missing man, where Umber waits for Charles to arrive and to bring the last piece of the puzzle he needs to complete the picture of obsession and magic and the deadly terror of dreams.


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Saturday, August 5, 2006


Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
D&D Adventure
Bruce R. Cordell and James Wyatt

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS deluxe adventure that updates the original 1st Edition Ravenloft module, retaining the Gothic flavor and familiar elements while expanding and reimagining some of the locations to create a deeper, richer adventure experience.

This campaign arc adventure is designed for characters of levels 6–10 and features a new, easy-to-use combat encounter format. This book also presents new magic items, feats, and prestige classes for player characters.

Release Date October 2006

Current mood: apprehensive

Monday, August 15, 2005


Arthaus Reverts Rights to RAVENLOFT and GAMMA WORLD to Wizards of the Coast
Sword & Sorcery Studios to release electronic manuscript for VAN RICHTEN’S GUIDE TO THE MISTS

Atlanta, GA and Renton, WA; August 15, 2005 — Arthaus Publishing, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast, Inc. today announced that they have reached an agreement for the reversion of rights to the RAVENLOFT and GAMMA WORLD campaign settings. Wizards of the Coast has tentatively agreed to allow White Wolf, which solicits and sells all Arthaus products, to continue to sell back stock in both lines under its Sword & Sorcery umbrella brand through June of 2006.

This reversion means that the RAVENLOFT supplement Van Richten's Guide to the Mists will not see print. Sword & Sorcery Studios will release the unproofed manuscript (by authors Carla Hollar and Rucht Lilavivat and outgoing developers Jackie Cassada and Nicky Rea) as a free download available at http://www.swordsorcery.com. The manuscript will be available this September.

"It has been a pleasure to publish and work on these two classic properties," said Stewart Wieck, Managing Editor of Sword & Sorcery Studios. "These are icons of the RPG culture, and I think we did them justice, added to their lore, and gave them a fresh treatment for this generation of gamers."

Arthaus Publishing licensed the rights to RAVENLOFT, the gothic horror brand of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®, in 2001 and—under the Sword & Sorcery banner—has released 19 different products in the line over the last four years. Van Richten's Guide to the Mists was to be the twentieth product in the line. Arthaus licensed GAMMA WORLD in 2002 and released six products in the line.

"Sword & Sorcery has done a great job with both lines," said Rich Redman, Wizards of the Coast's Assistant Brand Manager for Licensing. "We never had any doubts that these lines were in good hands."


However, it does mean we will get Van Richten's Guide to the Mists as a free download, even though it will not have been proofread or editted in any way.

Saturday, July 9, 2005

1:51PM - I don't know if it is overly Ravenloft related, but here you go


Friday, June 24, 2005

6:44AM - Take Me Back

Most likely a lot of you morn the loss of Secrets of the Kargatane.


Did you know, however, that you can still access a lot of the site's deleted content thanks to those crazy folk at the Internet Archive?


You use the wayback machine:


Friday, June 17, 2005

6:32PM - Barovia: Immol

I am in the process of writing up the Town of Immol for Ravenloft UK and I noticed a reference to the Keep of the Scarlet cross and the Knights of the Scarlet Cross. According to many fans there is no information other than the fact that these are present in Immol, so what I have thought of doing is writing a generic background for them. If anyone has any ideas or would like to contribute to this I would be appreciative :)

Friday, December 3, 2004

4:25AM - Spread The Darkness

Hi ^_^
My Name Is Lord Sebastian,
hailing from the French Province of Quebec.
I make album about Ravenloft: The Mist(les bumes), Von Zarrovich, Lord Soth of Dargaard(13), sorcery(Trilogique), druids(L.T.D.S.N), pagan(L.T...), devils(Trilogique), vampires(31).


This is my latest offering, i have been onthis SIX month. This is the third album i have made this year.
I hope you will help a true vampires lover spread the darkness on this world. Together we shall make this world more sinister and gray. Every drop of blood make the divine album closer. I need you to help me.
Embrace my work and tell your friends, something evil is coming from the spiked coffin of damnation.
Dark Tales is awakening.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

8:16AM - Character Generators

Well I have just been playing about with Alter Ego Games, MetaGamer character creation tool, now Ive ported the SRD version to Ravenloft, and Guess what It actually works. Creates Perfect Half-Vistani of any clan, Just got to input the prestege classes. If anyones interested I will review the software. the Ravenloft dataset that I have input will not be on sale, so normally you'd have to input it yourself, but as I have already spent a lot of hours inputting the spells, domains, etc, I'm going to make it donation-ware :)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

6:59PM - More Fraternity of Shadows

the Fraternity of Shadows ( http://www.fraternityofshadows.com ) have just released a netbook of Ravenloft fiction. Other things have also been added to the site, but that is the major release of the moment.

Submissions are still open for Quoth the Raven issue 11, the deadline being December 10th. Just read the guidelines in the Fraternity Projects forum in the message board.

Monday, October 11, 2004

11:44AM - A little late

It is about time I introduced myself really. I am Eddy (real name) and I have visited here a few times in the past but recently joined the community. I am a long time player and DM of Ravenloft, as well as writer in many Ravenloft netbooks and e-zines. Currently I co-moderate the Fraternity of Shadows website (www.fraternityofshadows.com) and if you haven't been there, it hosts a wealth of information, articles and netbooks, some of whicj feature the likes of Richt Lilavivat (of VRG to the Walking Dead).

Other authors of the product line visit the site and sometime submit some material (such as author notes and updates on current projects).

It has also been announced that Steve Miller has joined the likes of Rucht Lilavivat and others on the Masque of the Jade Dragon due to come out next year. he announced this himeself, but there are still no spoilers on what the project is exactly.

11:20AM - Site Updates

RavenloftUK has just added an Interview with Jeff Grubb, more of which to follow. Also added is a Defender Naga Template, complete list of RL Books and a timeline

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

12:34AM - A Little More About Myself (using my own Tarot card!)

Tarot Cards
The lady of swords stands before a brilliant sword.
Divinatory Meanings: The Queen of Swords is a determined woman. Possessing a sharp intellect and a (sharper still) wit, she is usually engaged in ideological wars, of which she is often the victor. Her competent mentalism and sarcastic disposition can bar her from making casual friends that last. She will hold herself to an intellectual ideal while, strangely, seeking out its logical antithesis. Never satisfied with the level of intimacy in her life, the Queen of Swords seeks out intimacy by calling upon the discriminating powers of the mind, which more often than not leaves her lonely and wanting more.
Reversed: Obsession, despair brought about by losing something precious and representative of the self, a yearning need for fulfillment.
Personality: The melancholic individualist.

Make your own LiveJournal Tarot Card!
Brought to you by crossfire

Current mood: contemplative

Sunday, August 1, 2004

2:41PM - Introduction

Greetings fellow Ravenloft enthusiasts!

I am pleased to be able to post in the_mists and to be a part of the Ravenloft online presence. I was referred to this journal from Sword and Sorcery's Ravenloft message board. I look forward to joining future discussions.


Current mood: calm

Sunday, June 13, 2004

2:11PM - Spectre of the Black Rose--missing chapter

Okay, this book has been out for years, so I'm not too worried about spoiling it, but you should know I will be talking about the end of the book.

This was the last book released in TSR's line of Ravenloft fiction, and it features, among other things, Lord Soth's departure from Ravenloft and return to Krynn. The book is, however, fairly unclear on exactly how/why it happened.

Now, I distinctly remember from a FAQ over at the Kargatane website (how greatly it's missed, may it RIP) that claimed the book was literally missing a chapter. That is, for whatever reason (I think deadlines), the author simply didn't include a chapter that was supposed to appear between the final chapter and the epilogue in the current book.

My question, then... Does anyone know if James Lowder and/or Voronica Whitney-Robinson have ever gone on record about what was supposed to be in that chapter? Possibly even posted a rough draft of it somewhere? I'm just curious, really.

Current mood: curious

Monday, May 31, 2004

8:54PM - Greetings

Hello. I just joined this community. I've been a friend of the mists since the days of the first black box. I've run several RL games in the near past and I'm currently running the Grand Conjunction modules split between two parties of hapless souls as part of a larger campaign.

The Campaign is called the Call of the Seven Whistlers and started in Lamordia, where a doctor/teacher/mentor of the heroes had recently died and his mansion, grounds, and fortune were left to our heroes. Our heroes discovered the good doctor's death was due to a gypsy curse and all those who entwined their lives with the doc were likely to fall under the curse. Each time a death or disaster occurs it is proceeded by seven voices whistiling in a creepy manner. In our last adventure, the whistlers chimed in as the adventurers sought to confront the priestess of Set in "Touch of Death"--the confrontation turned quite deadly for the heroes as their studious mage met his end in a battle of magic.

Current mood: amused

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

1:34PM - Changes are in progress

After reading Van Richtens Guide to the Shadow Few, I created another Shadow Fey Template: Poison Shee, would love to hear peoples comments ??


Current mood: accomplished

Sunday, April 18, 2004

6:09PM - Unusual Ideas concepts and wierdness

I made what some may consider a bloob the other month and Bought the Complete Guide to Liches (Goodmans Games) whilst I was impressed with some of it, I was unimpressed with the price.
Anyway someone gave me a copy of the Complete guide to the Treants also Goodmans Games, and I wondered, Would anyone be interested in the Complete (Honest Guv) Guide to Undead Treants for Ravenloft.

Now I know there is A template already for doing this in Denizens of Dread anyone interested?

Friday, February 27, 2004

12:15PM - Ravenloft.co.uk

Loads more reviews going on today, hopefully by the weekend the entire reviews section will be live

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

11:54AM - Unearthed Arcana and Ravenloft

Anyone have ideas for racial paragon abilities for the Vistana? I've got a half-Vistani PC, and I'm interested in taking levels, using the half-elf and half-orc paragons for inspiration. I imagine that one of the levels will add to spellcaster level, and there'll be an avenue for divided ancestry, but the actual Vistana level powers need to be developed. Thoughts?

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