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Ravenloft Resurrected!

In March 2008, night will fall.

The dead will walk.


From the WotC web site:

Ravenloft: Dominion isn't the same horror you used to read. Combining the best of gothic horror with the best of fantasy, Ravenloft: Dominion comes up with something entirely new -- something that touches the world we live in, our Earth, not merely lands that never were. Something that taints our world, our history, with the darkness of the Domains.
A series of stories that show you the evil that lies at the core of our own history.

Black Crusade, by Ari Marmell, coming March 2008
As Jerusalem falls to the soldiers of the First Crusade, the Laginate Grimoire exercises its influence on a population already mad with the terror of the sacking of the Holy City. Diederic de Wyndt realizes the Grimoire's influence on his companion, Father Lambrecht, too late -- but not so late as to keep Lambrecht from trial for his crimes. The sentence rendered is death, but as Lambrecht and the Grimoire are swallowed by flames, the Mists of Ravenloft choose their victim and seize him into the previously unknown domain of Malosia. Diederic chooses vengeance over wiser actions and follows Lambrecht into the Mists, beginning a tale of adventure, blood, and revenge that moves from Earth to Malosia and back again.

The Sleep of Reason, by C.A. Suleiman, coming August 2008
Moving forward in time nearly 800 years, The Horizon Society's newest member, Charles Bromley, is approached about a missing compatriot, Cyrus Umber, who has vanished from his home in the town of Sharing Cross. Charles is tasked with investigating the disappearance -- by the father of his betrothed, in a harsh test of a prospective son-in-law. When Charles arrives in Sharing Cross, he quickly becomes aware that the missing man's interests go rather beyond what the rest of the Horizon Society considers a normal interest in the occult. Before he can react to that knowledge, the Mists rise around him - but they do not send him to a new world. Instead, they drive him first mad and then to the new laboratory of the missing man, where Umber waits for Charles to arrive and to bring the last piece of the puzzle he needs to complete the picture of obsession and magic and the deadly terror of dreams.
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