Eddy Filth (brain_spider) wrote in the_mists,
Eddy Filth

A little late

It is about time I introduced myself really. I am Eddy (real name) and I have visited here a few times in the past but recently joined the community. I am a long time player and DM of Ravenloft, as well as writer in many Ravenloft netbooks and e-zines. Currently I co-moderate the Fraternity of Shadows website (www.fraternityofshadows.com) and if you haven't been there, it hosts a wealth of information, articles and netbooks, some of whicj feature the likes of Richt Lilavivat (of VRG to the Walking Dead).

Other authors of the product line visit the site and sometime submit some material (such as author notes and updates on current projects).

It has also been announced that Steve Miller has joined the likes of Rucht Lilavivat and others on the Masque of the Jade Dragon due to come out next year. he announced this himeself, but there are still no spoilers on what the project is exactly.
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